Instagram即将通过IGTV视频获利 以供在线视频创作者赚钱



至于IGTV广告,收入的55%将归功于这些广告投放的视频的创作者。视频广告将针对移动设备制作,最长不超过15秒。对于新功能的早期运行,Instagram选择了像Avani Gregg,Eitan Bernath和Salice Rose这样的参与者,这些后起之秀通过社交视频现象TikTok建立了许多关注者。

As for igtv advertising, 55% of the revenue will be attributed to the creators of the videos they put in. Video ads will be made for mobile devices, up to 15 seconds. For the early run of the new features, instagram chose participants like Avani Gregg, Eitan Bernath and Salice rose, who built many followers through the social video phenomenon tiktok.


When you come to the badge, fans who buy the badge will stand out in comments and unlock other features, including placing it in the creator badge holder list and getting special support. The badge will start testing next month with a small number of creators and businesses. It will soon expand to the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Spain and Mexico.