Facebook Messenger升级隐私功能


Facebook Messenger将引入新的隐私管理,用户可以限制哪些人可以给自己发消息。该功能将很快投入测试,届时用户可以“决定谁可以给您发送信息;谁可以向您发送请求;谁不能向您发送信息。”


Facebook said the features were similar to those provided by INS, and Facebook added more sophisticated information controls in December. Messenger is also trying to automatically blur images sent by users who are not Facebook friends because many of them are spam or inappropriate content.


Messenger has now officially launched the "application lock" function, which allows users to ask for facial recognition or fingerprint authentication before receiving information, adding more security to Messenger chat. This function is currently available in IOS system, and Android system will be launched soon.