One company denounced another competitor in the media, and even described it as a "black hearted businessman", which may be more like a bridge in a film and television work for the vast majority of netizens. However, on December 17, Facebook suddenly published a full page of "big character newspaper" in the New York Times and other media, with the headline blatantly saying: "for the sake of small companies everywhere, We decided to stand on the opposite side of apple. "



被人这般点名刻画成了“大BOSS”,苹果方面难道坐得住吗?很快苹果CEO蒂姆·库克(Tim Cook)就在个人推特上对Facebook做出了回应,库克表示,“我们认为,用户应该对收集到的关于他们的数据以及如何使用这些数据有选择权。Facebook可以继续像以前一样跨应用和网站追踪用户,iOS 14中的应用追踪透明化只是要求他们先征求你的同意。”



For the moment, no matter which is right or wrong in this battle of words - of course, most ordinary netizens can hardly believe that these two powerful giants really "selflessly" respect users' right to choose personal data - in fact, in what way should technology companies ask for users' data and in what form will users allow it, They are still quite common and increasingly concerned about internet life issues.