Facebook收购了The Order和Lone Echo开发人员

Order和Lone Echo开发人员Ready At Dawn已被Facebook收购,成为卷入Oculus系列的众多工作室中的最新工作室。

在发布到Oculus网站的公告中,证实了Ready At Dawn已被Facebook正式收购,并将继续创建“令人难忘的,身临其境的,创新的VR内容”,同时保留“独立运营的工作室”。


对我来说有趣的是,考虑到Ready At Dawn在平面游戏领域的出色表现,它已成为VR中最受信任的工作室之一。《孤岛惊魂》及其衍生作品《回声竞技场》和《回声战斗》令人难以置信。早期的PlayStation 4标题The Order 1886?变形金刚?少这样。不要误会我的意思,作为Steampunk大会的常客,我认为《命令》很出色,我会给许多器官提供VR后续服务,但是很难否认Oculus的头衔已经很多了更好地收到。

What's interesting to me is that ready at dawn has become one of the most trusted studios in VR, considering its outstanding performance in the field of plane games. It's hard to believe that the island scare and its derivative works Echo Arena and echo fight. Early Playstation 4 Title The Order 1886? Transformers? Don't do that. Don't get me wrong. As a regular guest of the Steampunk conference, I think the order is excellent. I will provide VR follow-up services to many organs, but it's hard to deny that oculus has many titles and better received them.

在过去的几个月中,Oculus一直在向左右的工作室进发,Beat Saber的开发人员Beat Games和Asgard's Wrath的开发人员Sanzaru Games都在去年加入了人们的视野。一方面,诸如此类的收购导致平台独占性,最终对于VR游戏空间而言是不健康的,但另一方面,这是一种以前从未获得过资助的游戏的方式。

In the past few months, oculus has been moving to the left and right studios. Beat games, the developer of beat saber, and sanzaru games, the developer of Asgard's wrath, both joined people's attention last year. On the one hand, such acquisitions lead to platform exclusivity, which is ultimately unhealthy for VR game space, but on the other hand, it is a way of playing games that have never been funded before.