"To help people stay in touch, we've launched media sharing," the Facebook owned platform announced in a blog post Just start a video chat from your direct in box (via the camera icon in the upper right corner) and click on the "post" option at the bottom of the screen to get started. Together, you can praise your favorite cute dog videos, friends' restaurant photos and instagram recommended accounts.

普通用户可能已经发现了新的“Stay Home”标签,将其添加到共享故事中后,可使关注者看到您如何进行社交疏离。



"In addition to promoting reliable information throughout the app, we have made some changes to reduce the spread of error messages," the blog post said The blog post pointed out that the recommendation and "Browse" tags will remove the account, unless the publication is the responsibility of a reliable health organization. " Content that third-party fact checkers rate as "fake" will also be downgraded in feeds and stories.